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Troy’s Leading Family Dentistry Service

When you need quality family dentistry at a great price, there’s no better choice than the office of Dr. Anuya Diwan, BDS. We’ve served the community of Troy, OH, and all of Miami County for years and we’ll see to all of your dental needs. We offer a large array of services ranging from regular cleanings to dentures, teeth whitening, and several other treatments. Our team of caring professionals will ensure you feel at ease and listen to your needs. Don’t let another day go by without getting the dental care you and your family need. Contact our office today!

Cleanings and Family Dental Care

Regular teeth cleanings are needed dental maintenance no matter your age. We offer fast and effective teeth cleanings and dental X-rays that will ensure your teeth’s health and remove any plaque or tartar buildup. We can also spot any cavities that may be forming and have them filled quickly and painlessly. Do you have kids? Give them the gift of great dental health! Our dentists and hygienists will make them feel at ease and ensure their teeth are healthy for years to come. Do you have a wisdom tooth that keeps irritating you? Let us extract it; the process is painless and we will ensure you are able to eat your favorite foods in no time.


Periodontics is the area of dental care that involves the supporting structure of your teeth and any diseases or issues that can affect them. This typically involves gum treatments, crowns, and implants that will strengthen your bite and ensure proper day-to-day dental functioning. Our team of periodontal experts offers quality crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures that will give your smile a natural look and allow you to enjoy the foods you love best.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry services can brighten your smile and make you feel more confident as you’re out and about. Even if your teeth suffer from food, smoke, or coffee stains, we can easily whiten them with our professional-grade veneers, sealants, and bleaching treatments. Our veneers can be custom crafted to fit your teeth perfectly and cover unsightly stains, and our whitening treatments will restore your teeth’s natural white color even if it has been missing for years. Your smile will look amazing — and you will feel great wearing it.

Other Treatments

Sometimes, more comprehensive treatments are needed to ensure one’s oral health. Our team of dental experts is fully licensed and has years of experience with even the most comprehensive of oral procedures. We offer expert tooth extractions, periodontal gum treatments, root canals, and emergency dental repairs that will restore your smile, often pain-free. We can work with your schedule and we accept many insurance plans. When it comes to quality dental care you can trust, rely on the experts at the office of Dr. Anuya Diwan, BDS. Contact our office today for more details!